Express Image Digital today announced its new name as Oppna Digital.
Oppna Digital
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Express Image Digital today announced its new name as Oppna Digital.

St Paul, MN, USA, January 5, 2023 (EIN PRESSWIRE) -- Express Image Digital today announced its new name as Oppna Digital. 

“Express Image Digital was formed several years ago out of our 70-year old innovative specialized  print company, Express Image. As the digital business has grown and required its own dedicated team, it became time for the entity to have its own identity.” says Express Image CEO, Jeff Sarenpa.  

Oppna Digital CEO Scott Morrow shares “we wanted a name and brand that reflects our roots in Minnesota, the culture of service of our organization and somehow touches on the type of products we bring to the marketplace for an optimal large venue guest experience”. Oppna is a Nordic word that refers to Minnesota's largely Scandinavian populace, referencing its roots in the North without directly calling it out. The word itself means “to learn” (Finnish), “open” (Swedish, Icelandic and Danish), and “to achieve” (Norwegian). It expresses the promise to clients to help unlock their digital potential, while simultaneously touching on how the Oppna Digital products help guests navigate space and information in an engaging way. It is also helpful that oppna is an easy word to pronounce, considering its global clientele.With all of this in mind, the name Oppna Digital was selected. 


Oppna Digital plays a pivotal role in ensuring positive large venue guest experiences by providing interactive digital wayfinding, advertising and messaging applications. These solutions are delivered via touchscreen kiosks, digital signage, mobile applications, QR codes and web apps and are deployed in malls, major retailers, hospitals, colleges, airports and other large venues around the world.

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