Digital Wayfinding & Signage: Essential Technology in a Post Pandemic World

Digital Wayfinding & Signage: Essential Technology in a Post Pandemic World

It’s no secret digital signage has played an ever-increasing role in strengthening marketing strategies and enhancing the customer experience over the past couple of decades. Eye-catching displays, consumer behavior analytics, and reactive messaging have allowed businesses to disperse far more individually personalized marketing to customers, shifting the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach.

For businesses looking to increase revenue and recover from the damaging effects of a nationwide shutdown, those capabilities, coupled with new touchless voice control, will prove indispensable in a post-pandemic world. The team at Oppna Digital discusses why below.

The Shutdown: The Role of Digital Wayfinding & Signage

Digital signage and wayfinding tech played valuable roles in businesses that remained operational throughout the shutdown, delivering important health and safety content on repeat. Because digital signage is infinitely more eye catching than its static counterpart, consumers naturally pay it more attention, which means they’re more likely to not only see such information but heed it, too.

In chaotic hospitals, interactive digital wayfinding played a critical role in directing patients and visitors safely throughout facilities, strengthening social distancing efforts, and allowing facility staff to perform mission-critical duties without interruption.

In grocery stores and other retail businesses, queue management and infotainment played valuable roles in estimating wait times, reducing perceived wait times, and optimizing customer flow. Additionally, digital signage integrations with stores’ POS and inventory management systems allowed for real-time updates and advertisements, notifying customers of the availability of limited, yet much-needed products such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

Post-Pandemic: Digital Wayfinding & Signage’s Role in Protecting Consumers & Businesses

For businesses in a post-pandemic environment, this consumer-data-driven, reactive technology will play an essential role in:

●        Mitigating customer frustrations

●        Managing crowd influx to help establishments better adhere to social distancing requirements

●        Distributing critical health and safety information in an eye-catching, easily digestible fashion

●        Communicating with customers on their preferred digital channels, enhancing facility sanitation efforts

●        Calculating customer heat signatures and detecting abnormal temperatures that may be indicative of infection

●        Contactless check-ins and appointment scheduling

●        Touchless, turn-by-turn navigation throughout facilities

●        Touchless information search and promotional advertising delivery

●        Much more

In a post-pandemic environment — in which researchers have determined recurrent periods of social distancing may be necessary for years to come — information dissemination is more important than ever. Consumer safety is also more important now than ever, and digital signage directly supports any business’s efforts to better protect their customers, anticipate their needs, and recover from the financial repercussions of a nationwide shutdown.

Ready to Discuss Your Digital Wayfinding & Signage Options?

At Oppna Digital, we specialize in end-to-end digital wayfinding solutions for a variety of facilities. From software development and hardware procurement to mobile app development, customized content management systems, and maintenance and support, we do it all — and then some. To learn more about how our innovative technology can enhance your business, give our team a call today at 651-237-5677 or request a demo online. You can also get in touch with us via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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