Want to Inspire Consumer Confidence? Go Hands-Free With Your Digital Wayfinding & Signage

Want to Inspire Consumer Confidence? Go Hands-Free With Your Digital Wayfinding & Signage

Before the pandemic, touchscreens were a dominant technology. In the midst of the pandemic? Consumers are far less apt to use a screen that hundreds of other fingers have touched. That’s not to say touchscreens won’t experience a resurgence in use when the threat of contracting a dangerous virus dies down, but for now, there are better options — touchless options.

If you currently have touchscreen kiosks in your facility, their use has likely dwindled throughout 2020. To maintain an engaging kiosk experience for your users, it’s time to go touchless. Read on to learn more.

Touchless Displays in the Workplace

Many corporate campuses that utilize digital wayfinding kiosks rely on the technology for guest check-in, navigation, conference room booking, sign-in tablets, and many other essential activities. But unfortunately, most of the solutions in these buildings rely on touchscreens, which, in the middle of a pandemic, aren’t the most inviting piece of technology out there.

Fortunately, workplaces have an alternative: make the switch from shared to personal screens with touchless tech. Everyone has a smart device on their person nowadays. Workplaces can take advantage of this by opting for QR code scanning, Bluetooth, and other technologies that seamlessly transfer information to a person’s smart device.

Where directions, room bookings, and check-ins once had to be completed on a shared screen, employees and visitors can now complete those same actions on their personal devices.

Touchless Digital Wayfinding in Retail Outlets

In retail environments like the Mall of America, hundreds, possibly even thousands of fingers can make contact with a touchscreen in a single day. And without knowing just what those fingers have been exposed to, it’s not surprising that consumers are dramatically decreasing their touchscreen use.

But large-scale retail facilities can still make the most of their digital wayfinding software by implementing touchless solutions. These solutions can allow a guest to send turn-by-turn directions directly to their smart device, so they can easily navigate throughout the facility. Proximity sensors and mirroring technology can also replace pushbuttons, which allows retail operators to maintain an engaging, yet touch-free shopping experience.

Touchless Wayfinding and Check-In in Airports

Airports can also enhance traveler safety by implementing contactless technologies. Thermal sensing can detect whether passengers are running a fever before they board an aircraft, while facial recognition can provide a hygienic check-in experience.

Even better, biometrics can speed up the passenger check-in process significantly, with Delta confirming that facial recognition has an average verification speed of just 1.5 seconds for outbound passengers.

For airports that currently have digital wayfinding kiosks in place, touchless solutions allow travelers to find security, terminals, and gates with a simple voice command. They can also send turn-by-turn directions to their smart devices without any physical contact with the kiosk, which provides a more hygienic yet still highly efficient wayfinding experience.

Looking for Touchless Solutions to Handle Covid-19? Contact Oppna Digital

At Oppna Digital, we developed Express Voice to help facilities better manage access to traditional touchscreen technology during the pandemic. As consumers increasingly gravitate toward contactless tech, touchless solutions are becoming the way of the future. If you’re interested in learning how our touchless solutions can enhance your facility, get started by scheduling a demo, contacting us online, or giving us a call at 651-237-5677.

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