Rethinking Wayfinding and Signage in the Transportation Industry: Going Digital During Covid-19

Rethinking Wayfinding and Signage in the Transportation Industry: Going Digital During Covid-19

The CDC says air travel is safe, but many would-be travelers aren’t so sure about that. Getting tangled up in a slow-moving security line is a threat to personal safety these days, and of course, sitting for hours in a plane jam-packed with people can feel a little close for comfort.

While there are many people who will avoid air travel until the pandemic winds down, others must use air transportation for business, family situations, and other pressing circumstances. Fortunately, airports can take consumer safety to a new level by going digital in the age of Covid-19.

Read on to learn how digital wayfinding and signage help improve the airport experience when personal health and safety are paramount concerns.

Touchless Solutions

It’s not surprising that travelers are wary of touching just about everything in an airport. When a surface may have been touched by thousands of people in a short span of time, the potential for virus exposure feels like a very real threat. That’s where touchless digital solutions come into play.

Rather than offering a more traditional digital wayfinding experience, airports can opt to implement touchless digital wayfinding interfaces to help limit potentially risky interactions. Some examples of this type of technology include:

●        Bring Your Own Device solutions

●        Voice-controlled platforms (these are similar in operation to Google’s and Apple’s voice-controlled assistants)

●        QR Code scanning that sends a wayfinding platform to a consumer’s personal smart device

●        Gesture-mirroring AI technology, which mirrors movement to help consumers avoid touching high-traffic screens

Recently, QR code scanning has risen in popularity because it doesn’t dramatically alter the way consumers interact with a wayfinding interface. Since consumers have been taking advantage of this tech for years, it offers a near-seamless way to transition to touchless wayfinding tech. Contact our team at Oppna Digital to learn more about how we can help your facility implement touchless wayfinding solutions!

Queue Management

In most airports, queuing was an issue before the pandemic began. Now, with social distancing guidelines in effect, efficient queue management is more important than ever.

Rather than implementing ad hoc solutions like tape on the floor and “stand here” stickers at six-foot intervals, opting for a more sophisticated solution can dramatically improve the traveler experience and consumer confidence. Implementing digital signage not only serves to help airports better manage queues, but it can also serve a variety of other important purposes, including:

●        Providing valuable facility information and updates

●        Displaying local news and other information to keep consumers entertained

●        Advertising brands and businesses within the airport to drive additional revenue

Beyond touchless solutions and improving queue management, digital signage and wayfinding solutions offer a number of benefits for busy airports everywhere. To learn more about how digital solutions can improve large-scale transportation, contact Oppna Digital today.

Discuss Airport Digital Wayfinding Solutions With Oppna Digital

If you’ve been considering upgrading the wayfinding and signage solutions in your airport, get in touch with our team at Oppna Digital today. We’re an end-to-end provider of customized digital solutions that improve the guest experience and drive additional revenue and we’d love to help you determine your facility's needs. To learn more, feel free to request a demo, give us a call at 651-237-5677 or contact us online.

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