How Digital Signage Increases Brand Awareness
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How Digital Signage Increases Brand Awareness

“Brand awareness” often feels like one of those savvy marketing terms that gets thrown around a lot nowadays. You can almost envision Don Draper from Mad Men saying it out loud while pointing to the latest consumer demands pie chart! But when you really break down what this phrase refers to, it becomes clear how imperative it is to implement such a focus into your everyday operations.

For businesses that operate within competitive industries, developing and expanding brand awareness is essential for thriving in their local markets. That’s why more companies have started investing in interactive digital signage software to accentuate their brand’s message into the customer experience.

In fact, research shows that 80% of brands that use digital signage ultimately experience an overall increase in sales, sometimes up to 33%! Much of this can be attributed to the bridge digital signage can serve when it comes to helping businesses better connect with their target audience and understand their needs.

So how exactly does digital signage relate to promoting brand awareness? Here are a few tips on how to utilize digital signage displays to ultimately improve brand awareness with your customers.

Share Your Company’s Story

Now more than ever, consumers want to support brands they not only believe in, but relate to on a personal level. That’s where installing digital signage displays can come in handy, allowing businesses to set up interactive stations that can relay their company’s story in a variety of content and mediums, such as origin videos, slideshow presentations, animated explainer videos, etc.

Any customer can walk into any given store and never know or comprehend the work and dedication that’s gone into creating that establishment. The more you can give customers a chance to understand the origins and operations of your business, the more they can empathize and connect with your company’s brand.

Stay Connected With Customers

Expanding brand awareness goes beyond providing outstanding customer service and emailing birthday coupons. It requires keeping in touch with them, even when they aren’t physically present at your store, office, or premises.

Through digital signage displays, you can give your customers a chance to stay connected with your brand no matter where they are, through a variety of marketing mediums such as QR codes, social media dashboards, email subscription sign-ups, etc. With one scan of their smartphone, your brand can remain present on your customers’ social media feeds or email inbox, long after your office hours close!

Keep Customers In-The-Loop

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of brand awareness is not just staying on your customers’ minds, but keeping them informed on all aspects of your business as much as possible. Digital signage displays are ideal for serving as a revolving gallery of updates and breaking news regarding your business, such as:

●        New product launches or services added

●        Employee success stories or staff promotions

●        Upcoming events

●        Award or certification recognitions

●        Changes in hours or operations

●        Store or property expansions

●        Promotions, deals, or discounts

●        Reward program enrollment

Keeping your customers in-the-loop about any and all updates will always work toward keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

Encouraging Customer Feedback

Spreading brand awareness isn’t just a one-way street. It’s about making your customers feel like they’re involved in your operations and success, and the best way to help them feel that way is by giving them ample opportunities to provide feedback.

Digital signage displays can serve as perfect mediums for customers to type in any suggestions, opinions, or overall words of encouragement and support. They also provide a more private, personalized feedback experience, as opposed to filling out a feedback form or card and turning it into an employee.

Increase Brand Awareness With Oppna Digital!

Spreading brand awareness is a process that certainly takes a fair share of time, energy, and dedication. At Oppna Digital, we help businesses of all industries increase brand awareness and promote customer engagement through custom digital signage strategies, engineered to accommodate your clients’ needs.

Interested to learn what digital signage marketing can do for your business? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our digital signage specialists!

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